Chalkidiki has a unique nature, with secluded coves, clean sea, beautiful islands and villages with remarkable traditional architecture. Combining mountain and sea, tranquility and intense nightlife, ancient history and modern life, it is distinguished by its cosmopolitan character and the unparalleled beauty of its peninsulas, its famous “legs”, Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos, .


Pea up to the beach, white sand, dreamy coves, turquoise waters, hidden coves. These will be met if you visit the infinite beaches of the area. Other more famous and more isolated, the beaches of Chalkidiki are here to enchant you. Crab, Kagoria, Sani, St. Mamas are just some of the options. At this point we will make special reference to the Vourvourou islets. Peony-sized landscapes, magnificent beaches and picturesque islands with exotic beaches make up the image of the area, which was once a monastery of St. John the Baptist.

Composing a spectacle that reminds more of Caribbean than Greece, the island complex of Vourvourou is here to enchant you: Diaporos, Kalabasia, Prassonisi, Agios Ispidoros, Ambelitsi, Peristeri and Kalithia are the exotic beauties of its bay Mount Athos (Giggitiko), which enchant all those who seek peace, crystal clear waters and Caribbean colors in Greece.


Among the many archaeological treasures and historical monuments is also of particular importance. It is the village of Stagira, the birthplace of one of the most important Greek philosophers, Aristotle. In the village you will find the Aristotle’s Alps: compass, pendulum, prism. The instruments mentioned in Aristotle’s “Naturally” are all here.

Do not miss to visit Ancient Olynthos. A place specially dedicated to architecture lovers, you will see how the famous Hippodamian town-planning system was organized, which is now a reference point for the urban planning science. Excavated houses, boulevards, communal areas, all in one location!


In such a gifted place, you do not miss what gives us pleasure! Combining mountain and sea, Chalkidiki is a pole of attraction for sports enthusiasts. We start hiking on Mount Itamos, a lush forest with stunning views. We continue on hiking in Kassandra, which combined with the many routes and the well-developed camps in the area, is an ideal place for those who love life in nature.

Going to water sports, here we have a wide variety of schools and beaches specializing in kitesurf, windsurf, SUP and sea kayak. The attraction is mainly Vourvourou and Armenistis, mainly during the summer months. Enjoy the crystal blue waters and the sunset by making sea kayak, fishing on the beautiful secluded beaches of the island of Diporos at Vourvourou Bay and have fun while learning Kitesurf and windsurf!

Mount Athos

Special reference should be made to Mount Athos, a magical place that undoubtedly every man has to visit. Though excluded from women, the third “foot” of Chalkidiki is also the most “gifted”, since its natural beauty is unparalleled. As forgotten in time, Mount Athos offers its guests tranquility, tranquility, amazing landscapes and hiking trails.

Also visit this special and special place, get to know the people who make it and discover pieces of yourself. To visit Mount Athos, he must schedule his exact day of entry into time. Then he has to contact the pilgrims’ office in Thessaloniki.