Kallithea is the most famous village of Chalkidiki, for its liveliness, day and night.

The day.
Its beaches, with golden sand, meet the crystal clear waters of the sea. With organized beaches, elsewhere with music, else without.

Built on the green hill, overlooking where your eye comes (and from there its name).
As for food, do not worry. Kallithea has a large number of tavernas and restaurants with Greek cuisine. As well as fast food, pizzerias, crepes, to cover all tastes.
Here is the iconostasis of Amon Zeus and the Russian-style church of Agios Panteleimonas, as well as a great discovery of 1850, an irrigation channel.

The night.
Kallithea promises intense fun when the sun goes down and until it comes back! The largest nightlife in the area is here. Do you want strong foreign music? We have got! Do you want Greek? We have got! Want to have fun with the thousands of tourists who make a river every night to the nightlife? You can!

Come Kallithea !!!